troll queen

it’s really great when fans of a band have this awesome bond. a cult following, if you will

but then it’s really shitty for people who are fans of a band but don’t quite fit in with the superfans. because the superfans, as nice as they may be, want to tell you everything they know about experiencing this band. which is great! let’s share experiences! but don’t stomp on my experience or my validity as a fan in the process! 

like they will tell you “oh that band is from that city so their shows there are usually really heavy and emotional” or “oh whenever they drop a new release they always play shows in that city” or “oh you should follow the mailing list” 

i know they are just trying to connect and shit but it just comes across as so condescending! like goddamn it do you really think i don’t research bands i am into? especially small indie bands that are very specific in what they play. but oh yeah okay sure yep i just found out about this band yesterday. in my barn. that i was born into yesterday. which is the same day i found out about this band.

i just want to see them in that city because it’s the closest city to me that they happen to play a lot of shows in, i don’t want a fucking history lesson on why they play there, etc. 

or maybe the bitch switch is permanently stuck in the ‘on’ position today

(but seriously it is weird you can’t make a post about a band without SOMEONE having to tell you what’s what about them. motherfucker I KNOW. that’s why I LOVE THEM.)

i’m being so grossly needy of a pat on the fucking back right now and it’s disgusting but addictive and i need some fucking Real Talk or to just leave the internet for awhile until i learn how to be friends with people and not expect them to walk me through everything with advice all the time. 

someone said i should spend my single time to focus on myself but maybe i don’t like going so inward because sometimes i don’t like how i come out, all self-centered and expecting everyone to give me their full attention. that’s a person nobody likes. and god forbid people not like me. 

i think i just need a best friend but that basically does a huge disservice to every good friend i have. i probably have several best friends but for some reason there is this disconnect with me where yeah we are friends and we get along but it’s like there’s something missing. something i haven’t felt since i was a kid. i guess those days end in high school, where you wanted your best friend to sleep over every night and sit next to you on the bus and if you didn’t have all your classes together, or at least a couple, you knew that year was going to be horrible, like you would never see them again. i haven’t felt that way about anyone in years and i guess that means it’ll never happen again. 

or i am just so lonely i’m grasping for any excuse to give myself hope that i’m not alone. 

past my, past my bedtime

the next person i date has to love andrew jackson jihad

constantly fighting the urge to email my horrible terrible no good shitty ex and say, “just a friendly reminder: YOU’RE A RAPIST. in case you were still confused.”  


People get murdered because they dated the wrong person!!!

the taste of brief internet popularity was bitter and stupid

in less than 24-hours i was reminded of every reason why i hate the internet

and also learned that if i want to enjoy my time here, i should stick to my happy little corner, where i interact with people because i want to, not because i have to

there is so much to hate and so little to love

d-d-d-d-d-deal with it

d-d-d-d-d-deal with it

Am I the only one who remembers public witch trials?


Dear Dickbags McGee,

Let me get this straight. You threaten someone you’ve never met—a person that had every right to decide not to associate with you on Tumblr at any given moment for any reason(s)—so you can feel secure that everyone else’s dislike (or hate, whatever) of you is justified? You have made people feel UNSAFE in their own private domicile because you have a fucking grudge? And you see this action as a sign of growing up? Growing up is taking the high road, but I think you missed the exit.


Someone who is ashamed to have ever been nice to you